In 2009 after i graduated from my university i had an opportunity to visit west Borneo, to collecting data about traditional artist in Pontianak and Singkawang. On that moment i'm an assistant researcher for my lecturer in ITB, my lecturer is doing a research about traditional artist in Indonesia. I flew from Jakarta to Pontinak (the capital city for west Borneo province), after a few days in Pontianak i moved to Singkawang. Singkawang located about 200 km from Pontianak. Singkawang had an unique characteristic on their society, in Singkawang the society is devided in three different tribes that lived peacefully among each other. The tribes is Malay, Dayak, and Chinese. 

The Chinese people arrived at Singkawang about 200 years ago, and also bring their ceramic skill along with them, on my next blog i will show the first Traditional Chinese house in Singkwang but now i will show you about the ceramic industry. Today there are a few ceramic center near Singkawang that still using the same techniques from generation to generation. The ceramic center is in the Sakok village, the village is about 2 km outside Singkawang, on this village there is a traditional ceramic industry called "TERANG BULAN" means  shining moon in English. On this place i see a very old techniques to build ceramic using throwing techniques, glazing, decorating, and the most interesting is the dragon kiln. Dragon kiln is a very long kiln (about 20 meters long), we can also find the same kiln in China or Japan. This kiln is using wood for the fuel, and the burning process is needed about 24 hours. This industry now having a hard time because the Indonesian economic condition, and also nowadays there is a lot of China made ceramics that come to Indonesia. The local government now is trying to keep them alive by helping them to marketing their product. I hope this is going to be success program so we can still see this very unique traditional ceramic in Indonesia.


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Vincent Rumahloine 

SINAR TERANG workshop for decorating

Clay production
Decorating process

Centering process

Preparing the clay for throwing technique

Throwing process
Throwing process

Throwing process

Throwing process

Hand build technique
Throwing process

Hand build using wood stick in Japan known also as Tebineri technique

Drying room

Glaze room
Preheated the Dragon Kiln known as Anagama Kiln  in Japan

Dragon Kiln

Dragon Kiln

Damaged modern kiln with LPG fuel from the government project, still damaged because no one can fix it

Attendance Panel

SINAR TERANG's side projects makin brick

Recess time

The oldest person in here
The finished product 

 All photos taken by Vincent Rumahloine, if you need the photo or more information about this topic don't be hesitate to contact me through email, facebook, or twitter @vincrumahloine


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