Solidarity run is a part of an event that held by Rumah Cemara, called SPORT FESTIVAL. The idea of this SOLIDARITY RUN is because nowadays  running is one of the most popular sport in Bandung. Rumah Cemara had a campaign named "INDONESIA TANPA STIGMA / INDONESIA WITHOUT STIGMA", this is a campaign to reduce stigma on the society about HIV, one of the thing is not everyone wanted to do interaction with people with HIV. On this event people are running together from start until the finish line just like the ordinary running festival, but  the main objective of this marathon is not about who is going to be the winner, but how they run together until the finish line. Among the runner there is some person that HIV positive, so this event is shows to the society that they are running together and there is no problem with it, and also it shows that people with HIV also have a good heath condition because they can still run a marathon. There is alot of people that joining these sport festival, that opened by the city mayor of Bandung,

Marshall Team before star the marathon, they are the team form IndoRunner that will accompany and make sure all the runners finishing the race

DKRC TEAM, DKRC is Rumah Cemara's football team 

Ridwan Kamil The Mayor of Bandung is doing his speech before the marathon


Everyone had to to a unique celebration after they finish the marathon

Member of Rumah Cemara Rehabilitation Center after they finished the Marathon

Part Of the Sport Festival is Boxing Coaching Clinic

Ridwan Kamil joining the mini football gamma

All photos taken by Vincent Rumahloine, if you need the photo or more information about this topic don't be hesitate to contact me through email, facebook, or twitter @vincrumahloine


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