Daily aesthetics of the people who is not directly related with art, are somehow really interesing to observed. I spent 6 years working with peoples at NGO that working with HIV and drug issues, overpopulated community, etc. Since 2011 i encountered an interesting thing about them is their consistency on making something looks beautiful in most pragmatically way. Their sense on arranging the place, the interior, building houses, there was something that i saw weird because of my background as an art student and artist. After few times i started to saw something beautiful behind all of this. This project started last year when i visited the biggest fashion market to take my friend to bought some fabric. At this fashion,  market i saw a lot of mannequins, all of these mannequins are used for displaying the fashion product that they sell. What interested me the most is the way they put the product really in a pragmatic, only considering the idea of mannequin and the space that they had in their store. Some of them is not match and looks funny for me, but through this project i want to nd aesthetic not only place like galleries, or a well designed store, but through a daily life. This project is on going project.


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